First Listing

March 20, 2023

By Anna


You always remember your first… in this case I am referring to my first ever listing!

The ink was barely dry on my license when I showed up for my first day as a Realtor at my new brokerage. I had a desk and phone in what they called the “BullPen”, but now what? How would the world know I was open for business?

My manager approached me with the “list” and a headset.

“Thanks?” I said, suspiciously.

On this list were hundreds of names, addresses and phone numbers.

He said, “Call them.”

“What? Call them? I don’t know them. What do I even say?”

As outgoing as I am, there are certain things I seriously dislike: One is sounding stupid, and the other is bothering people, and this exercise of calling random people was a cocktail for both.

“Ok” I said hesitantly and started – dialling for numbers – as they say.

I was relieved when the first few numbers I called didn’t answer. I had a few people answer and tell me to “go away”, so to speak. My cheeks burning red, jaw clenched, and holding back tears, I kept going. It was my 23rd call and I said I would stop at 25 and probably find another career because there was no way that I would be able to survive in real estate if this was the way to get clients.

The phone rang, and a jolly man answered and said, “I’ll be damned, the wife and I were just talking about selling our home. When can you come?”

I was so taken aback that I think I laughed (I laugh when I’m nervous) and replied “tomorrow!”

I prepped and showed up and this lovely couple asked me “How long have you been selling for?”

Quick on my feet I answered, “Just under a year!” I didn’t want to lose them or scare them away by saying they were my first.

They said they liked my enthusiasm and signed up right there. We ended up selling it quickly.

This was the beginning of my career. You would think I would do it regularly because of my early success with cold calling. Nope! I found other ways — any other way was better than going through that again. Still, I’m so glad that nice man picked up on call 23!

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