Backyard Movie Night

July 10, 2022

By Anna


The summer is halfway through, and the kids are looking for something new to do. How about a movie under the stars? Turn your backyard into a movie lover’s oasis with these six easy steps. Guaranteed this will be an activity that you will want to do again and again

1. Invest in a portable projector. Amazon has some great options starting at only $60!

2. Build a DIY projector screen with this easy how to tutorial from HGTV It doesn’t require any power tools and is a great way to get the kids involved in the setup!
Fun tip: have the kids paint the planters before putting the cement in for a personal touch.

3. These printable movie tickets are sure to get everyone excited. Save the image to your computer and then email them out to your friends and family so that the experience starts right at the gate.

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4. Seating scavenger hunt. Get the kids involved in a seating scavenger hunt. Have them scour the house for lawn chairs, pillows, blankets, pool floaties or anything else they can think of that will make a great place to cozy-up.
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5. Snacks and drinks are a must for any backyard movie night. To make it easier to get everything ready, pick out some yummy finger foods that you can set out on a table, so people don’t have to get up during the movie. Retro popcorn boxes give movie-goers an authentic feel. They can be purchased at the dollar store, Walmart or even Amazon.

6. Struggling with what movie to watch? Let the fates decide with this free, printable movie picker. There are two options; one with fillable spaces for you and your family to complete or download the version with pre-loaded options.

Click here to download the free printable movie night picker

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You don’t need to spend much money on a movie theatre-like experience. With just a little planning, you can have a fun night with family and friends, watching a favourite movie outside under the stars.

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